Here’s the latest from the crossroads of faith and media: 10/21/20

What’s next? Sega Genesis? Actually, the story of David and Goliath is from the Book of Samuel but I just had to go for the joke. Also, it’s Virtuous VR Gaming (not Sega Genesis) that is releasing DvG: Conquering Giants as its debut virtual reality game. DvG is described as “a reimagined immersive experience based on one of history’s greatest Biblical duels (David vs. Goliath).” Goliath (shall we say?) drops worldwide in November on Oculus, VIVE and SteamVR platforms. In the meantime, VVRG is offering special pre-release exclusives to the first 500 gamers who preorder on line.  The incentives include a 60 percent game discount and automatic enrollment to win prizes, such as a new 2020 gaming console system (Oculus Quest 2, Microsoft Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5 VR).

DvG is the creation of Jarom Sidwell, a former Hollywood visual effects artist known for his work on such blockbuster film franchises as The Avengers, Avatar, The Hobbit, The Adventures of TinTin, Man of Steel and Transformers who recently shifted his focus on creating education-based experiences in virtual and augmented reality.

In DvG, players are transported back in time, Quantum Leap-like, as they find themselves in the virtual body of David, the young shepherd boy tasked with protecting his sheep, family and country from the dangers of the outside world. Those dangers include ravenous wolves, ferocious lions, massive bears and finally the fearsome giant known as Goliath. It should be noted that the game features two levels of play (casual and intense).  DvG is rated E10+.

According to Sidwell “This is one of the most active VR games on the market…From mimicking real life sling mechanics to lateral hand gesture motions, ‘DvG’ is guaranteed to get your heart racing!…Gamers can relate to the character of David, gaining a better appreciation for his focus, diligence and courage, perhaps realizing that they too can conquer the giants in their own life.”

VVRG Founder and CEO Bill Issler says “DvG provides a great opportunity to bring family values and fun to homes through the use of VR technology…We are excited to be partnering with Immersive History to offer a new genre of games that multi-generational consumers will be excited to play.”

Encourage one another and build each other up – 1 Thessalonians 5:11


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