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Fatima simultaneously hits theaters and drops on VOD tomorrow. To find a theater near showing the film click here. For home video options click here.   The film stars Joaquim de Almeida. Goran Višnjić (Timeless, ER), Stephanie Gil, Lúcia Moniz and Harvey Keitel (The Irishman). Writing credits go to Valerio D’Annunzio, Barbara Nicolosi and Marco Pontecorvo (who also directs). Rated PG-13.

A film for conservative Catholics. Truly an under-served audience in the media landscape. The question is how much it will break out beyond that core audience which is hungry to see their beliefs respected and reverenced on film. Writing for Deadline, critic Pete Hammond suggests the movie is “something of a remake of the 1952 Warner Bros film The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima.” So, is that something today’s audiences is looking for? This being 2020, it should at least benefit from less box office competition then an August release typically faces. BTW, for those drawn to the story and want to read more about it, there’s the book Fatima: 100 Questions and Answers About the Marian Apparitions which is being released in conjunction with the film.

Mini-Review: I can understand for people who have a particularly strong interest in the subject matter and really miss old-style reverent film making might find this movie praiseworthy. The general audience, however, may be a little impatient with its fairly plodding storytelling. It’s pretty slow going when it comes to pacing – and very serious. There’s very little, if any, humor used to lighten things up even a little bit. Also, the film earns its PG-13 rating.  There’s violence and the dramatic depictions of hellfire could unnecessarily and unproductively frighten sensitive children. Also, if anyone has any sort of problem with what Catholics call “scrupulosity” (aka Religious OCD), this movie isn’t for them.



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