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The push continues to save the life of Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani in Iran is intensifying. Pastor Youcef is facing execution because of his Christian faith and our international team continues to work to bring international attention to his case.

There are troubling new developments involving the Iranian government and their effort to discredit Pastor Youcef by promoting false reports that the Pastor is charged with being a “Zionist” and committing “security crimes.”  This disinformation campaign is absurd and we’re working in this country and abroad to keep up international pressure and media attention on the life-and-death struggle facing Pastor Youcef. For complete details of this disturbing development, click here.

We are mobilizing tens of thousands of Americans to speak out in support of the Pastor Youcef. Please take a moment and add your name now to our petition.

Visit our website for ongoing updates about this critical story. 

Jay Sekulow


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