What’s interesting is that while the President is no longer directly involved in the negotiations to solve our nations’ budget crisis, he continues to issue threats and engage in a campaign of fear and intimidation – trying to scare Americans – refusing to guarantee that Social Security checks, military paychecks, and crucial entitlements will go out if a deal isn’t reached.


It began weeks ago, when I cited an interview with CBS News, in which President Obama could not promise the American people that Social Security checks would go out if a deal isn’t struck.


And, now, in an address to the nation last night, he repeated the threat, another warning that Social Security checks are at risk. The President said if the nation defaults and no agreement is reached “we would not have enough money to pay all of our bills – bills that include monthly Social Security checks, veterans’ benefits, and the government contracts we’ve signed with thousands of businesses.”


We have a President who has never put a budget plan on paper. A President who is doing all he can to scare the American people – especially seniors and our military.


We’ve taken a look at the President’s role and responsibilities in all of this. In a legal memo, posted here, we clearly point out that the President has the authority to ensure that Social Security checks go out, as well as other entitlements. That is, if he wants to.


As if the scare tactics aren’t bad enough, we have a President who is also intent on playing the blame game. In an editorial today, the Wall Street Journal labeled the president as someone “whose concept of leadership is the politics of blame” – noting that the President blames House Republicans for everything.


And, Rep. David Schweikert of Arizona today called on President Obama to quit trying to scare the American people. In an interview on my radio show today, Congressman Schweikert told me he has legislation ready in the House, one of several bills already introduced, that actually prioritizes spending – reinforcing the fact that there’s money available in the U.S. Treasury to send out those Social Security checks and military paychecks in the event a deal isn’t reached by next week.


As Rep. Schweikert told me, “We’re no longer going to tolerate the scare mongering.”


Mr. President, tell America the truth. Stop the scare tactics now.

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