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They are the best of the best.  U.S. Navy SEAL commandos – part of an elite special forces team that took down the world’s most sought after terrorist, Osama bin Laden.

At the American Center for Law and Justice, one of our primary offices is located in Virginia – on the campus of Regent University in Virginia Beach.

That happens to be the home of SEAL Team 6 – the unit that went into Pakistan – facing great danger – on a mission to hunt down and eliminate bin Laden.

In the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area, the military plays such a vital role. It’s home to one of the largest Naval bases in the world and those who live there know first hand that SEAL Team 6 gets the call for the tough jobs, the most dangerous, as shown in this local television news report from WAVY.

It’s called SEAL Team 6, but is formally known as Naval Special Warfare Development Group, or DEVGRU for short. It is based at Oceana Naval Air Station’s Dam Neck Annex in Virginia Beach.

We’re extremely proud of our military – especially the courage, dedication, and commitment shown by the commandos of SEAL Team 6.  At the ACLJ, we have a number of military veterans who now work with us – military veterans who understand the sacrifices made by all members of the military – especially the elite forces who are called upon for the most dangerous missions.  

Kudos to SEAL Team 6 and all the men and women who serve in the U.S. Military.

The Navy’s top SEAL, Rear Adm. Edward G. Winters III, sent a message to his team after the successful mission in Pakistan saying “that handful of courageous men, of strong will and character, have changed the course of history.”

And he added:  “Stand tall – more importantly, be humble, be the quiet professional. This is what makes our organization special. Be extremely careful about operational security. The fight is not over.”

Osama bin Laden is dead.  Al-Qaida is not.

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