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As moms, even if we are able to make plenty of time for self-care, the day-to-day of our life is largely full of responsibilities. Mothers of young children spend much of their time changing diapers, feeding hungry bellies, cleaning up messes, and trying to prevent major disaster. Mothers of older children may not have the same responsibilities, but their work load is just as full. They run to and from school, sports practices, and keep track of homework. We’re a busy bunch, us moms, but that doesn’t mean our work is drudgery. Being a mom is rewarding, and it is important—but it can also be fun.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget just how fun being a mom can be. I occasionally need a little reminder, to refocus my time at home with girls to enjoying our time instead simply surviving. Lately, I have brainstorming a few ways to have more fun with my kids, keep reading to see exactly what I came up with.

#1. Mix up a boring day by asking another mom and her kids over for playtime and lunch.

#2. When everyone is feeling a little cranky, crank up some music and have a dance party.

#3. Create weekly themes. Our first week, our theme was penguins. We checked out a huge stack of books on penguins, printed off coloring pages, and watched a penguin themed movie.

#4. If you are bored of your dinner time routine, have breakfast for dinner or pack a sack lunch and meet dad at the park on his way home from work.

#5. Have a movie night, don’t forget the popcorn and sugary treats.

#6. Take the day off. Everyone stays in their PJs all day, reading books, eating off of paper plates, and ignoring the to-do list.

#7. Keep an eye out for big boxes from TVs, refrigerators, or furniture. Create an elaborate fort or maze and decorate with jumbo crayons.

#8. If you are tired of being home, make a trip for ice cream or hot cocoa.

#9. Take a day trip. Sometimes, it is so easy to grow tired of the routine. Pack up early in the morning, let your kids nap in the car, and spend the day exploring someplace you’ve never been before.

#10. Make memories and write them down. Keep track of the special days, big and small, but documenting your life on snapchat and keeping a journal of your days.

How do you add a little extra fun to your life as a mom? 



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