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I have a little problem—I am in a funk. I have been for right around a month now. Mommy burnout is a thing, and I have it bad. Honestly, it is part of the reason I started this place. I needed a fresh way to explore my identity as a mom, to celebrate the routines, rhythms, and habits which are working for us and flesh out the once which aren’t working so well.

Mommy burnout looks different for everyone. How you cope when you feel worn out and discouraged in your life as a mom varies from personality to personality. In general, it is a state of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Burnout occurs because mom is out of balance and has been for way too long, according to attachment parenting expert Dr. Sears. The key to dealing with mommy burnout is preventing yourself from getting there in the first place. In my own life, I am learning to keep an eye out for signs of being out of balance so I make changes and avoid continuing down that road. Keep reading for 6 of the more common reasons moms get out balance, and eventually wind up spiraling into mommy burnout.

#1. You’re Not Getting Enough Rest: I know, do any moms actually get the recommended 8 hours of sleep each not? Probably not. Still, the longer you try to survive on just a few hours of sleep each night, the harder it becomes to enjoy being a mom.

#2. You’re Working Too Much: If you are a working mom, you probably feel like you are on the clock all of the time. You have two jobs—the one you get paid for and the mothering you do when you get home. When work becomes particularly stressful, we may forget to set healthy boundaries, limiting ourselves from working too much.

#3. You’re Trying to do it All on Your Own: As a brand new mom, I was so guilty of this! I wanted to be a great mom, so I forgot to involve daddy in the parenting and accept help from my child’s grandparents when they offered.

#4. You Have Unrealistic Expectations: Sometimes, as mothers, we become out of balance because we are comparing ourselves to the pinterest perfect mom. Unrealistic expectations bring unnecessary stress into our lives.

#5. You Are Neglecting Your Other Relationships: Most moms would agree: our children are not the center of the universe. But in our everyday lives as moms, we sometimes behave in a way that suggests differently. If you are not giving plenty of attention to your marriage and your friendships, you may start to feel like your children are running your life.

#6. You Aren’t Having Fun: You know who is at the highest risk for mommy burnout? The highly motivated moms. The ones who want to keep up with house, provide their children with an enriching environment, and practice the best parenting style for the family.  When you are a perfectionist or a Type-A mom, the importance of having fun often gets ignored in favor of keeping up with your daily to do list.

The good news is, if you can recognize you are out of balance, you can change how things are going in your life and prevent mommy burnout. The bad news is, if you are like me, it may be too late. Next week, I will take a look at some different ways to cure mommy burnout and share with you how they are working in my own life.




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