Have More Peace in Your Life

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” – The Dalai Lama

The daily grind can be overwhelming leaving you tired and drained.

Obligations and responsibilities fill every second and the everyday demands have become more complex, which can leave your empty and drained.

What if there’s something you can do?

What if you can bring some sense of calm and serenity amidst all the noise that technology and people have created? What if you can disconnect from all the clutter and find peace, find an oasis where you can rest your mind, body and spirit?

You can!

All it takes is a little effort to discover there are ways to feel more peace in your life. Here are some of them:

1. Breathe. Do a two-minute ‘breathing with your belly’ and concentrate on the air that goes in and out. This helps to calm the mind and bring things back to perspective again.

2. Connect and reconnect with Nature. You don’t have to go to exotic lands or travel far to reconnect with Nature. It can be as easy as walking barefoot in your garden and feel the soft earth tickling your feet. Enjoy the sights and sounds…and feel the peace slowly enveloping you.

3. Don’t procrastinate. Delaying tasks or avoiding problems will only serve to weigh you down more. The longer you wait the more tension you put yourself through.

4. Embrace, accept and let go. Live in the moment; the past is history. Look forward to what tomorrow can bring instead of dwelling in the yesterday.

5. Minimize your clutter. A minimalistic environment offers you more space and more room to breathe in.

6. Slow down. Stop getting yourself herded in the thinking that everything has to be done in a snap. This will only stress you more.

7. Take a step back. Being in the thick of things can make you lose perspective which can lead to bad choices.

8. Set limits. Learn to say ‘No.’Putting too much on your plate can only make you feel pressured.

9. Escape. This doesn’t have to be measured in distances. It can also mean shutting down your phone, iPad, tablets and laptop and all the Internet noise.

10. Find a relaxation technique. There are many techniques which can help you find peace – yoga, going on long walks, listening to soothing music or meditation.

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