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“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Worshiping doesn’t have to be something you do once a week or limited to your morning or evening prayers. Worship time can be a 24/7/365 thing when you use the extra moments in your day to give praise.

Want to know where to find the time? Here are 10 extra moments you can use beginning today to change free time into worship time:

1. When you are commuting to and from your work– worship by lifting someone up.

2. When you arrive five minutes early to a meeting – worship by asking for help.

3. When you are eating lunch at your desk – worship by opening your mind and heart to the service you are requested to give.

4. When you are four cars deep in the bank line – worship by giving thanks.

5. When you are going for a run – worship by hearing’s God word in the music streaming from your earbuds.
worship when running

6. When you are waiting in the school’s car pickup line – workship by sharing a blessing.

7. When you are taking your dog for a walk – worship by searching for forgiveness.

8. When you are waiting for the microwave to finish – worship by sending love to your family.

9. When you are folding laundry – worship by remembering you were saved from sin.

10. When you are sipping your morning coffee or enjoying afternoon tea – worship by asking God what’s on His mind and how you can help.

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