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“True knowledge lies in knowing how to live.” – Baltasar Gracin

Since early in your childhood, you have may have been told things that aren’t true – lies that you mistook for the truth – lies that have seeped into your belief system about yourself, others and the world.

These lies came from family members, schoolmates and strangers making insensitive and sometimes cruel comments. Here are 10 lies about myself that I carried around for too long:

1. I’m not worthy of what I want.
2. It’s waste of time to be spiritual and to worship.
3. It’s better to hide my feelings.
4. I can change my situation by being perfect.
5. Wearing eyeglasses is a sign of weakness.
6. My value is determined by others.
7. Being confident and secure is only a myth.
8. Sex equals intimacy.
9. Speaking up for my needs is a waste of time.
10. I’m odd, different from the others.

To replace these lies with the truth, I wrote each one on a piece of paper. Next, I took each lie and crumbled it and then released it into a garbage can. I can’t say these lies still don’t surprise me from time to time, but I’m learning how to surrender the power they once had over me.

What are the lies you need to stop telling yourself. What are the lies you need to release? Are they…
1. I don’t have a reason for living.
2. I’m not worthy to be loved.
3. I’m not attractive.
4. Nobody wants to be my friend.
5. I’m not smart enough.
6. I’ll never realize my heart’s desire.
7. I will always be alone.
8. Everyone seems more capable, likeable and successful than me.
9. The world has no need for my gifts and talents.
10. I’m a mistake.

While these lies can never been taken back, you do have a choice: You can open your heart to your beautiful truth:

You are enough because God made you to be worthy to receive His Love and the love of others.

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