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“With but few exceptions, it is always the underdog who wins through sheer willpower.” – Johnny Weissmuller

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Willpower is the “secret sauce” needed to accomplish just about anything in life.

Whether you want to get a better job, higher grades at school, quit an addiction or lose weight, willpower is the necessary force that helps you reach your goal. If you are working to realize a special goal right now, here are some simple methods to boost your willpower as you work hard to achieve it.

Use the Power of Imagination
Your imagination affects your actions. The human body responds to imagined situations just like how it responds to past experiences. For instance, if you imagine being late to office, you start getting tensed.

This tendency, when used positively, can boost your willpower. Constantly imagining that you are capable of achieving your goals can work wonders for your success. If it is a bad habit you want to quit, visualize the scenario where you have completely overthrown the addiction.

Take One Step Every Time
The enormity of your goal may overwhelm you and make you give up soon. So, divide your goal into manageable pieces, and accomplish them one at a time. As you reach each smaller goal, you will experience an enormous sense of satisfaction which makes you take on the next sub-goal with double the enthusiasm you had before. This way, your willpower never depletes, but only thrives.

Manage the Stress
Stress is one of the toughest obstacles in your path. It depletes your life force by directing all your energies towards instinctive actions that take you from what your goal. However, with sincere efforts, you can learn to manage stress. Observe your breath carefully when you get stressed. Take a few deep breaths every time you feel overwhelmed.

Meditation and Physical Exercise
Meditation is like exercising your brain by freeing all channels filled with stress and work pressure. Meditating for 20-30 minutes daily increases your willpower. It even makes you more attentive, focused and relaxed.

Don’t forget that just like your brain, your body needs to be disciplined. Regular physical exercise helps brings down the stress and makes you more confident. Depending on your preference, you may try weight training, floor exercises or yoga, or a combination of all three. Just jogging or brisk walking for 30 minutes every morning makes you feel in control. Nothing makes a person more confident than a toned body and a peaceful mind.

Avoid Temptation’s Way
If you are putting in all your energies into quitting an addiction, try your best to avoid scenarios where you may come face to face with it. For example, if you want to shed some weight by controlling your addiction to chocolates, it doesn’t make sense to keep your favorite chocolates stacked up in the refrigerator.

These simple methods, along with deep self-belief, can increase your will power to reach your goals and make you happier and more confident.

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