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“The revelation of thought takes men out of servitude into freedom” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Changing your life can come in small, easy steps. You can transform yourself and live a better life by making positive changes along the way. You can start with some of the choices listed below, as you look for increased freedom and happiness in your life…

1. Choose to change bad habits – Some bad habits seem to stick around without us even realizing it. Make the choice today that you won’t be ruled by your addictions and bad habits. You can overcome them, find better alternatives, and get through your struggle to become a better you! Do it for yourself more than anything.

2. Choose to grow – It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, but with re-evaluation and growth comes a beautiful freedom. In choosing to grow, you build character, embrace your strengths, become aware of what needs improvement, and blossom into the well-rounded person you need to be to succeed.

3. Choose to seek a balanced life – Where do you need balance? Are you all work, no play? Could you use more discipline in your schedule? Neither extreme will lead you to a fulfilling life for very long. If you’re spending too much time obsessed with work or locked away in solitude, find the time for social interaction and having fun. If you haven’t committed to a schedule in awhile, make the decision to start following one.

4. Choose to spend more time with the ones you love – This is vital to human existence. We need the loving bonds created by family members and friends. Personal relationships are key to emotional growth and social stability.

5. Choose to live your passion – Whatever your dream is, you can have it. The person you wish to be and the things you wish to achieve are within you. Make the choice to pursue those passions at whatever cost. It may mean clearing out your schedule or doing something you’ve never done, but the reward from success and personal accomplishment will be worth it.

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