Ah, folks. In a world full of Louisiana officials who won’t marry interracial couples, celebrity chefs battling it out with their fiancees, boys failing to fly off in balloons, and politicians winning premature prizes, why is it I care so much more about my own little quibbles?

I woke up this morning after my first full night of rest in several days, surrounded by cats, husbeast, and the detritus of a week’s worth of sloppy, choppy housework. Blogging was not, I can tell you, uppermost on my mind. Coffee was rather more urgent. Then finishing up all my unplayed games of Lexulous on Facebook. (What are the ethics of getting yourself into 17 games with strangers, and what are your obligations to finish playing them all in a timely manner?) Then making the bed, combing my hair, picking up shoes and socks and nasty Chinese food containers, and emptying trash and…
Blah, blah, blah. What I’m trying to say here is…

…there are days when I find my world needs to shrink down to me, my hubby, my household, my friends and my extended family. Mayyyybe my neighbors. Mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe that guy on the corner, if he needs a hand crossing the street. But I don’t have the energy to care about Falcon’s fake flight, or what some bigoted judge did in another state. Not right now.

Ethical fail? Yep. 
I’ll bounce back. I’ll be on fire again in a day or so. But I will tell you this. I think it’s important to husband your resources so that you can care for others. Is this “Me first” attitude unethical? Or is it a matter of putting your own oxygen mask on before you put on your kids’?
What are our ethical priorities and what are our true obligations to society? Is it family first? I think so. Then radiating out, priority-wise. But does that mean, first to my neighborhood, then city, state, country, and Zimbabwe can go eff itself? Or is it more symbolic? 
A little help here?
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