Looks like it’s official: Balloon Boy was a hoax. Or at least, authorities are charging the Heene family with perpetrating one.

Are you angry? Crying out for blood? Do you feel the Heene family exploited Falcon and their other children for gain, and is this a trend we’re seeing more and more in these reality-show-ridden times?

Personally, I feel like there have always been stage moms and dads willing to shill their children for profit, but that involving the entire nation in one’s game of crying wolf is especially egregious. I’m just glad they didn’t go so far as to actually toss the boy up in that balloon for their publicity stunt. But bringing him on GMA and the Today Show when he was feeling ill and letting Falcon vomit on camera instead of keeping him in bed to recuperate shows, at the very least, poor parenting skills. In addition to the current charges, out child services to start investigating the Heene family? Or has all this public outrage over their actions gone too far? Is our righteous outrage premature? Should we–still–reserve judgement? 
What do you think?

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