Today, Everyday Ethics had
its first major plug… if you can call it that. USA TODAY gave us a mention in their Religion blog,
but it wasn’t exactly pretty.

“This is ethics as popcorn,
tasty and quickly forgotten.” Or maybe that I’m just jealous. It reads
like the gals are having fun. Their columns not freighted with anything heavy
like, oh, legal, philosophical, theological basis for their positions. Randy
Cohen, New York Times Ethicist, your turf is safe.” 


Well, yes, we are having
fun. And no, we’re not Randy Cohen, though we admire him a great deal. We’ve
covered the fluff (lying on your online dating profile, an open letter to those
with bad laundry room etiquette
) and the serious (health care reform and the
Lockerbie bomber). Our concerns are like yours, we hope–a little bit of the
petty, a little bit of the profound.

What we’re most about is a ‘woman-on-the-streets’ perspective. We claim no higher knowledge, no years of
study in the legal profession or as theology students. We’re a former
philosophy/classics major and a journalism major, who now make our living(s) in
the real world. What qualifies us to talk about the issues we bring up is what
qualifies you to read them: a keen concern, a caring heart, and a desire for
fair play.

So, to echo our friend at USA
TODAY, we ask you, what do you consider “everyday” ethics? 

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