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Three studies recently released brought a new twist to that age-old competition, man vs. woman–the question of generosity and charitable giving.The series of studies, published in the August 2009 Journal of Consumer Research, examined how men and women gave to […]

One pictures the kidnapping of young Jaycee Lee Dugard, pictures the little girl snatched from her family, and the mind simply goes blank with horror. Worse–unimaginable even–is the 18 years of slavery and sexual torture she must have endured in that […]

You can dress a schoolyard bully in a fancy dress and put them on national television, but their true nature still manages to shine through. Anne Heche reminded me of this last week when she tore apart her ex-husband Coley […]

At the risk of living up to our “popcorn” reputation, here’s a truly trivial confession: There are days when I walk right past stuff I simply don’t wish to see. Like the cat puke I don’t want to clean. We’ve […]

Today, Everyday Ethics had its first major plug… if you can call it that. USA TODAY gave us a mention in their Religion blog, but it wasn’t exactly pretty. “This is ethics as popcorn, tasty and quickly forgotten.” Or maybe […]

Last week, the Associated Press reported the story of a Pittsburgh mother who is suing her daughter’s school district under Title IX after her daughter developed an eating disorder. The disorder, she claims, came about because of bullying by boys […]

Ok, I admit it — I don’t think I have it in me to forgive a cheater. Oh, I’m a forgiving person in general, believe you me. But forgiving a cheater? Nope, no way. Future significant others beware — don’t […]

I agree wholeheartedly with Hillary’s eloquent argument (see post below) that we should remember a person for who they are, not simply who we wanted them to be. I’d also like to add another point – I see Kennedy’s life […]

It is seldom that we lose someone of such legendary stature as Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Though the media may try to play up every death as a Cronkite or a Mother Theresa, I honestly don’t feel the need to […]

First off, don’t do what I did. I think I have mentioned the mean boss I once had. Well, after several months of being browbeat, the day came when I couldn’t take it another minute.  What’d I do? I literally […]