Standing in an especially long line at my bank yesterday, my wandering mind intersected at two points: my poor, beleaguered bank account (sob, tear) and the summer bank heist movie, Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.

Where did these thoughts intersect? Well, not to give away any of my more nefarious “get rich quick” schemes, but I started wondering exactly how far I really would go to make a little extra cash.

I came up with this little checklist of would’s and would-not’s: 

  • would not take part in a bank heist, even with Johnny Depp as my partner in crime.
  • I would climb the Space Needle, a la new MTV show, The Phone. (Quick summary for those who haven’t seen the show: four strangers are given the chance to pair up and win $50,000, as long as they survive daring missions.) 
  • I would not refuse to split the reward for climbing the Space Needle with my partner on the ground. Well, I say this with near certainty; I had trouble sharing as a child and have been trying to make up for it ever since.
  • I would not steal from a friend.
  • I would donate my eggs. 
  • I would consider an Office Space-esque scheme of filching pennies (consider, people, just consider!)
  • I would not become a stripper.

That’s about as far as I got during my 5 minutes in line. How far would you wander into murky territory to make these tough times just a little bit easier?

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