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You’re on a first date, gazing into the eyes of the perfectly lovely (or handsome) person across from you, when they casually mention that they don’t have plans to marry, ever. Or to marry someone white. Or perhaps Jewish. Or […]

Yep, that’s right, now affection is illegal. The New York Times today reported on the new fad for hugging among teens in an article entitled For Teenagers, Hello Means ‘How About a Hug?‘ Kids these days are embracing all over […]

There’s a lot of chatter on the ‘net today about the lottery. Seems someone from South Dakota just won the Florida lottery, to the tune of 222 million dollars. Nice going.  I’m sure that unnamed person will suddenly have a […]

I’m the type of American Idol viewer who tunes in for a few songs, maybe follows one or two contestants until they’re voted off, and usually misses out on all the good controversy. So I can’t say that I’m the […]

Over the past couple of weeks, the news has been filled with headlines about 13-year-old Daniel Hauser, a Minnesota boy diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Citing religious grounds (the family are members of the Nemenhah Band of Native Americans, who are proponents […]

This Memorial Day Weekend has been a long and busy one for my family. My brother’s wedding took place (yippie! Mazel Tov, guys) so I spent the last three days in a flurry of bachelorette parties, rehearsals, rehearsal dinners, and […]

I recently got into a somewhat heated discussion with a close friend. It wasn’t meant to be heated – I’d asked a pretty simple question, “Do you think you care more about what happens to an American vs. what happens […]

Schadenfreude–nounsatisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune. I once had a boss so mean I woke up in dread each morning, and lay awake every night fearfully, fantasizing about what terrors lay ahead for me the next day. She […]

Why, oh why, am I so completely and utterly incapable of remembering to bring recyclable bags with me to the grocery store? It’s not like I haven’t got any…. Heck, I have canvas totes from conventions past and beach vacations […]

Instead of the normal blog post contemplating one topic, I thought I’d share a slice of my daily internal monologue. In advance, I both warn and agree with you: Yes, I will most likely question myself into an early grave. […]