Be Open to life, so that you can accept what the universe is giving you,
Be Open to life to accept what the universe is teaching you.

I am not advocating gullibility, but perspicacity. If one practices remaining open and aware, slowly the universe will unfold before you. The path will become clear to you when you focus upon the present moment. You, when no longer distracted by extraneous matters, will see the truth in all its purity, like mountain stream water flowing after a fresh spring thaw.

Be Open to the successes and the failures from which we are equally enriched.
Be Open to the joy of birth and the excruciating pain of death from which we shall be augmented.

Too many times, man misses out on a great experience or the receipt of magnificent energy from the universe because he is focused upon the mundane tasks of daily living. I am not advocating sloth, but industriousness. If you live with a heightened awareness, you will able to recognize situations with alacrity and with incredible exactitude.

The path to such a state is not beyond our reach. It is not easy. We must eliminate the fear which stems from waiting for Godot, as opposed to the strength from directly going to find him. We must understand that we are all part of the one and must love each other and ourselves. We must all strive to understand our unique paths and thus our inimitable worth. A worth that is ineffable! Ah yes, the path to the peace which passeth understanding while we are still here on this earth!!!

Just remember to Be Open to change, to entropy, to beauty, to lust, to fidelity, to sensuality, to warmth, to love, to spirituality…
Be Open

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