A young girl asked her grandfather, “Does God Control the Physical Universe?” His answer was, “ Well, it’s complicated.”
An analysis of Eastern and Western belief systems supports the belief that God, the Universal Spirit or Pure Energy is the root cause of everything. However, due to the level of effluvia present on earth, also known as the negative energy veil, (aka evil) oftentimes we don’t recognize God’s influence. Nor are we in a position to properly align ourselves with that energy as a consequence of the buildup of the negative energy veil (e-veil). We must find our own space docking mechanism and clean up all the space debris so that a clean connection can be made. The goal of most world religions and spiritual practices is to give us sufficient tools with which to clean our respective mechanisms so that a connection can occur.

I have been attracted to Eastern religions and philosophies because their esoteric teachings are more readily available. Christian esoteric teachings are either frowned upon, such as Gnostic writings like the Gospel of Thomas etc., or are withheld from us. (The Vatican is rumored to be the home of many abstruse teachings that are not available to the public) Judaism has its Kabballah and the Islāmic faith has its Sufism, which is shunned by Sunnis and Shia elders. Consequently, allegiants to these religions don’t generally have access to these mystical teachings.
While some debate mysticism vs. esotericism, I don’t think there is a distinction. Mysticism and Esotericism both are means to find God directly. Such writings inculcate various means of clearing away the negative energy veil so we can see the truth about our existence and make an unfettered connection with the Spirit.
As a result of esoteric and mystical teachings being withheld, syncretism is necessary for spiritual advancement. We must meld the various teachings from different beliefs to find a complete picture of the truth. Unfortunately, most religions discourage syncretism. They state that their path is the only path and deviations therefrom will not lead one to the truth. I love reading the works of Paramahansa Yogananda. He readily engaged in syncretism to reach a broad audience. One of his Hindu concepts that is echoed in many other Hindu works is the concept of levels of degradation. It is believed that at one time we were all part of the Great Whole which most of us call God. It is believed that God’s gift to us was to allow us to become separate entities and to experience sensations and engage in Maya. The goal was for us to enhance our spirits through the various experiences that come through living many lifetimes. However, the focus upon experiences shifts our focus away from God. As we branch out, each step we take away from God is a further degradation. We create layers of “junk” through things such as hurt feelings, unrequited love, and through feelings associated with being the victims of hate or injustice. We give the things that have happened to us too much power. They, in our minds, define who we are. Thus, the layers of separation, the negative energy veil between God and us, is created.
We must strive to understand that we are not the total of our experiences. If we meditate or deeply contemplate our inner nature, we will see that we have always been a part of God – one with God. We viscerally know that God is the place from whence we come and to where we are all going. (The Alpha and the Omega) Let us enjoy the knowledge gained from sensual experience while simultaneously focusing upon honing our connection with home. So to answer your question: On a strictly physical level I believe here on earth, we are on our own to create and experience life to a certain extent. However, there is a spiritual level that is available for the adepts to access. It can be accessed through prayers, devotion, and mediation, but above all, by finding clarity and seeing through the created effluvia. We can tap into that source on a regular basis. We all have stories in which we have unconsciously tapped into that source and it has saved our lives, guided us to great success or prevented disastrous failure. Some call it luck or happenstance. In the past it was called Providence. It is all the same. These things happen when, for some reason, we have a moment of clarity and see past the layers of Maya and connect directly with The One. I exhort you to make that connection. You have done it before. Do it again and again and again, and you will see a demonstrable change in your life.
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