It’s summer, and it’s hot. Record-setting heat waves are cropping up all over, and earlier than ever. Time for some chilly relief in the form of ice cream!

That sends chills through my spine, the thought of ice cream. Chills of delicious delight, but also chills of fear as ice cream was one of the main culprits of my extreme obesity. I ate ice cream every day and every night, so much that I weighed 400 pounds as a teenager. I honestly had to abstain from eating all ice cream (and desserts and sugar) for a long time, in order to ultimately solve my weight problem. It was only with God’s help that I was able to do that, as the addiction was so strong.

Now, almost 20 years later, I am able to eat it, without compulsion. Thank God!

There are also a lot of other frozen treats that satisfy my icecream desires. Here are some suggestions of some you may like:

— frozen fruit bars: the kind that are all fruit with no added sweeteners of any kind
— low fat ice-cream bars, made by Breyers, or 100-calorie bars by Klondike or Blue Bunny.
— beware of chocolate coatings, they add lots of calories
–Rice Dream frozen bars are non-dairy (read non saturated fat) and are surprisingly tasty.
— If you must have an artificially sweetened frozen “novelty,” have one with Spelda or a health food bar containing Stevia. Avoid aspartame, saccharine or acesulfame potassium. Read the labels!
–Try a new “miniature” bar; a tiny amount of the real deal. This wouldn’t satisfy me in the past, though, as I was an ice-cream addict, and could never get enough.

What are your favorite healthy frozen novelties? Please comment below!

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