From time-to-time I invite guests to write on my blog.  Today, I’d like you to hear from Kanta Bosniak, a very experienced coach and talented author. We’ve both lost lots of weight with God’s help, and a lot of visual, emotional and relational methods.

Full disclosure: she’s a realtive of mine, and I’m lucky!


Lose Weight in Alpha State: Weight Loss as a Joyous Spiritual Journey
written & illustrated by Kanta Bosniak

Who’s in Charge of your Weight Loss?

How we think about weight loss is crucial to our success. If it feels like drudgery or martyrdom, you’re far less likely to achieve the lasting positive change that you desire.  I recommend a spiritual approach to weight loss, because it’s more pleasant and it works. Sure, you’re using your weight loss program as a means to a creating a more comfortable body to live in. And even more importantly, you’re creating inner peace, because you’re going to the real root of the problem, that critical little voice in your head that we all have. And you’re lessening its power at the same time that you’re flattening your tummy.

To launch a successful journey, I encourage clients and readers to ask themselves “Who’s in charge of my weight loss program? What part of me is running the show? “

The self-judgmental, slave driving “Punisher” doesn’t get the job done. It’s like putting the fox in charge of the chicken house. Yo-yoing is like a dance between the “Punisher “and the “Saboteur,” which are both Ego. Neither part of the Ego can help you, because that’s not their function. You have to go an entirely different zone if you really want success.  Big help comes from the Higher Self and is implemented by the Creative Self. Your Superconscious Mind and your Subconscious Mind do the magic together. They assist you through a bodily and spiritual transformation. I call this the “Becoming Process.”

It’s a process we move through when we heal and transform. It’s a natural thing. Invite Spirit into your life, ask for guidance and you’re on a Becoming Path. I discovered it for myself by noticing and reflecting on my own process… what was working for me and what was working for my clients. It can be applied to most any area of life and it works beautifully for weight loss.

Creative journaling as you move through a transformative experience amplifies and anchors success, so it becomes a “new normal.” So, I framed the book interactively, with self-discovery questions, writing and drawing prompts. Ideas and theory are fine, but positive thinking needs to go to a deeper level. The subconscious mind loves story and play. Self-inquiry is good too. But self-inquiry with a pen in hand and a fresh box of colored pencils… now your creative self is on the job. It’s like rocket fuel!

We’re hard-worked for fun. We must have it, we should have it. We deserve it. Will power will get us through two weeks… maybe. Fun sustains and strengthens us.  When you slide your critic over to the side, out of sight and out of the way, you enter an Alpha State. A state of pleasure, present with yourself and life. That’s a place from which you can create. The place where love and laughter live is the same place from which you launch your successful physical weight loss journey.

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Kanta Bosniak is an author, coach and interfaith minister with over 40 years experience as an educator in Spiritual Growth and Guided Meditation. She has a private practice of coaching and Guided Imagery and is available for appointments by telephone and Skype. Look for two new books this summer, “The Becoming Process “and “Abundance Triggers.” For more information, visit  Purchase the book from by clicking here.

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