It’s summer, and it sure is hot already. It’s tempting to grab a sugary soda, or big can or glass of high-calorie juice for refreshment and hydration.
These drinks may be cold but they don’t do the job as well as other, more healthy alternatives.

Here are some ideas and tips on how to beat the heat and stay hydrated healthfully, which is very important.

— Try water instead. Not bottled water in plastic disposable bottles, either. Water in a metal or insulated container that you have on hand is best. If you must drink bottled water, get it in glass, not plastic.

— To make water more tasty without too many calories, try a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, fresh or bottled.

— There are lots of non-caloric, non-artificial (“real” in other words) flavorings that can be found in the spices section of your supermarket or health food store, try orange or strawberry, or be exotic and use a mix of banana and strawberry or other creative mixes. just a drip or two in a liters bottle of water is pretty awesome.

— Have seltzer instead of soda also with a squeeze or drop of fruit flavor. Don’t have a lot of it, though, and certainly not every day as carbonated drinks can leach essential calcium from your bones. You might opt for mineral water.

— If you are eating out, or treating yourself to fast-food, many restaurants will give you free cups of water that is actually filtered from their soda fountains. Just ask. Don’t let them sell you expensive bottles of water in plastic.

— Avoid caffeine drinks, as they tend to dehydrate. Have decaffeinated ice tea or decaf iced coffee. Have a big pitcher or glass jar of “sun tea” on hand in the fridge. Make that by putting a couple or three of bags of decaf tea in a gallon glass jar of water, and letting it stay in direct sunlight for a few hours.

— Avoid any form of “diet” drink as they contain chemicals, and sodium (“salt” in other words) which also dehydrate and make you thirst for more. There’s a recent study out linking use of diet soda with possible cancer risks. So forget it!


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