At first when Representative Anthony Weiner of New York said in countless interviews that his Twitter account had been hacked, and that the now infamous underwear photos “could not be confirmed,” I didn’t really care. It all seemed sort of juvenile to me. I didn’t like that so much media attention had been given to the story, but shucks, I’m used to having to hear scandal and salaciousness. It’s rampant and unavoidable.

Now, when one of the women spoke out publicly that he had been sending her lots and lots of photos, he finally held a press conference and admitted he lied.

Yes, scandal is rampant and so many folks love to hear about it and watch TV news, and buy newspapers and magazines, and read Internet sites for more titillating stories. Yes, politicians can be counted on to fabricate stories and compromise truth with lies.

But now Weiner has really gotten me angry. The depth of his deceit is just unacceptable. The fact that he will not resign, and there are no outcries for his resignation is also too much.

Politicians who cheat on their wives, and commit lie after lie really should not be our “representatives.” I don’t want someone with such low morals and ethics to be making laws. We need people who are outstanding, highly educated, as excellent role models in our government. Clearly, that’s not Anthony Weiner.

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