The world didn’t end.  We are still here.  Thank God.

I’m grateful for the beautiful day.  The flowers are in bloom and so are the spring flowering trees.  The air is so clean and pure after days of spring showers.

There’s a bird’s nest on our front door hanging light, with baby birds in it.  I’m thankful for that.

I didn’t have my end of the world party, or apocalypse breakfast.  But I loved the nitrate-free bacon and eggs sunnyside up with my wife.  I even was grateful for the time to be domestic this morning, doing a load of clothes and dishes.  Sweeping the floor.

God, thank you for the living life you’ve given me again today.

God, thank you for my loved ones and family.

God thank you for mundane household chores, and a house to do them in.

God, thanks for a world without end, forever and ever.

In Jesus’ name.


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