I don’t actually think the end of the world will happen on May 21, as Harold Camping says. What do you think? Post a comment below and see if it’s still posted on the 22nd!

He was wrong before, in September of 1994. I bet he’s wrong again. But no worries if he is right. As lovers of God, we’re fine.

What about the prayer that ends “…world without end forever and ever. Amen.”?

What about Revelations that says God in the form and person of Jesus Christ will return to judge the quick and the dead, and that the world will never actually end?

In terms of planning ahead, I’m planning both an “End of the World” party tonight and a “Day After Apocalypse” breakfast with low calorie Devil’s food cake, ooohhhh it’s out-of-this-world yummy! And Angel food cake. Don’t forget Divinity Fudge! And Deviled eggs for breakfast. They’re heavenly!

I’ll play “It’s the End of This World As We Know It” by R.E.M. And “End of the World” by Herman’s Hermits.

How about you?


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