Dr. Norris J. Chumley Satisfied Life

I’ll be in Chicago this evening, Thursday, April 14th at 7pm at the Pickwick Theater, Park Ridge, IL., for a screening of my film, “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer,” a Benefit for Saint Iakovos Retreat Center.  For tickets: call The Metropolis of Chicago at 312-337-4130 or at the theater box office.

I’ve been present at evening showings all this week in New York, and it’s wonderful to meet people and talk about the film, which took eight (8) years to make.  People want to know how were we able to get access to the most secluded, sacred places on earth.

Also, were the hermits, monks and nuns shy – was it hard to get them to agree to be filmed?

One person pulled me aside and was concerned that the nuns were wearing lipstick and mascara!  I assured her this wasn’t the case, that the color was turned up way too high on the projector!

Others wanted to know about the Jesus Prayer, and I was happy to answer their questions as best I could.  Was it a prayer that they had known as “the Rosary,” from Catholic Church (no, it’s not).  Was it the same as Kyrie Eleison, or “Lord have mercy, in Greek?”  (Similar, but not exactly).

Please come and meet me in Chicago tonight, and I’ll try to answer these questions, and yours, too!

If you cannot come – please visit our website for more information.  Also, a short version is beginning to be broadcast on American Public TV stations.  Check our website for listings.