A friend of mine sent an email this morning; an article about her ex getting arrested. I was really shocked and sad to hear this. It was extremely difficult news to hear.

My friend was so upset, “how could she do this! I’ve got to get a lawyer! We had recently worked things out so well, and there was much healing in the family, now that’s over and done.”

I reassured my friend that 1 – she is not him, and she was arrested on something that my friend had no connection with. 2 – the healing can still continue, and this may possibly be God’s gift of difficult grace, that residual problems will not be dealt with (without going into specifics).

My friend had, in panic, travelled back in time to when they were married, long ago. I needed to remind him that that relationship was in the past, and that the two of them were no longer married, or merged, or symbiotic. Actually, he has nothing to do. It’s not his problem.

Yes, compassion for his ex, and love still survives. God will take care. Healing will still occur. Perhaps his ex will reach out for God.

Of course, it will be love, and the grace of God that helps this troubled family. Love heals, back then, and now.

And they’re in my prayers, as are you dear reader, whatever you may be going through right now.

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