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March 2011 Archives

In an interview for our movie, “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer” I conducted with V.Rev. John McGuckin in Egypt, at St. Antony’s Monasery, the spiritual master, Father Lazarus (perfect name for him), said, “Wisdom has to be something you live, …Read More

A few years back our son, so excited to be on his high school varsity basketball team in his senior year, finally explained to me what the team cheered over and over. I’d heard it from their huddle a million …Read More

I’ve written about gastric bypass surgery before.  I’m against it — it’s dangerous!  You hear a lot about the wonders of drastic, dramatic weight loss from it, and see ads for it all over, but what you don’t hear are …Read More

There are so many get thin quick diets out there, and we all know that losing weight and getting thinner is anything but quick, right? We did not put the fat on fast. It took time. Years in many instances. …Read More

I’ve occasionally run into the Big hit TV show, “America’s Funniest Home Videos” while channel surfing. People send in their videos, and millions of people laugh at them. It’s mostly scenes of people hurting themselves, such as a guynon a …Read More

Interestingly enough, there are times when pleasurable activities really cause us pain. There are of course many instances of this, but let me go over a really clear pleasure/pain case study with you today. I know a nice lady in …Read More

Yes, I’m not feeling well again today, and admittedly a bit cranky, but gosh, I’m watching the morning news right now as I write, and I’m not only upset, I’m really worried. This situation in Japan, with the four nuclear …Read More

I’ve posted very late today, as I have been a bit under the weather. After working so hard, and under a lot of stress, I have had a sinus problem turn in to an infection. I went to the doctor, …Read More

Hard to believe but McDonalds has killed off their kiddie mascot, Ronald McDonald and his fatty, salty cohorts Mayor McCheese and the Hamburgular. They relalize that marketing to kids isn’t as lucrative as selling coffee gourmet drinks to adults clearly …Read More

Yesterday was the first day of Spring. It’s so delightful, and so welcome. Oh how I need some warmer weather. Oh how I want to see the beautiful spring flowers – the crocus (already coming in), the daffodils (the green …Read More