I’ve written about gastric bypass surgery before.  I’m against it — it’s dangerous!  You hear a lot about the wonders of drastic, dramatic weight loss from it, and see ads for it all over, but what you don’t hear are the negatives.  There are a lot of people who have suffered extreme complications from having gastric bypass surgery, such as infections, digestive disorders, and not to mention, never learning how to really eat in a healthful way.

Now, the American Diabetes Association has come out and recommended gastric bypass surgery, claiming that diabetes can be eliminated within hours after the surgery.  Well, sure, lose weight and diabetes gets better, and sometime goes away entirely.  But at what length of risk from the weight loss surgery?

The point is this:  you must ultimately change your lifestyle and food consumption!  Even with the surgery.  That’s the hardest part.  Patients who have had it report that even when the weight sheds rapidly, what to do to maintain it is profoundly difficult.  Eating less, and better quality, is what is required.  Why not just do that in the first place?

Don’t have the will power to lose weight slowly and healthfully?  No one does!  THAT’S WHY IT TAKES A MIRACLE and total dedication.  Making changes is easiest when they’re done simply and gradually.  Not a sudden diet.  Not a sudden surgery.

Lots of prayer and surrender to God, or your Higher Power works.  That’s the most successful weight loss method.

Check out what I’ve written before, and the many comments here.

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