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Evidently some folks have a “beef” with Taco Bell fast food restaurants. There’s a lawsuit that claims there isn’t much beef in Taco Bell burritos and tacos.

Taco Bell, responding vigorously, bought ads in tons of newspapers across America this morning, with the headline “Thanks For Suing Us.” Interesting way to get reader’s attention!

I don’t know if this lawsuit has any merit, do you? Some claim that there’s a lot of “oatmeal product” and fillers in their meat. I don’t eat there, and I don’t care. Burritos, tacos, enchiladas and gorditos (isn’t that Spanish for huge?) just have way too many calories for me. They’re all too filling and fattening for my tastes.

If it’s true, that there is a lot of filler (shall we say carbohydrates, perhaps?) and not much meat – Taco Bell products won’t work with my current no-carb weight loss program. I’d rather buy meats from my grocery or supermarket, and cook them myself, so I know.

Fast food is always a trade off. Time for quality. You might gain more time when you eat at one of these restaurants, but you certainly always sacrifice quality.

Let’s hear your appraisals of fast food joints, and Taco Bell. Please comment below!

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