I think I told you, it was my birthday recently.  I was treated to not one, but several really nice celebration meals — some homemade; a few at restaurants.  I was given chocolates!  Cake!  Ice cream!  I thoroughly enjoyed them, too.

Admittedly, I also gave myself a birthday present: a few extra pounds!  So in my regular monthly weigh-in this morning, the need has again arisen to shed some weight.

What to do?  Follow my own advice.  First, I gave my life to God and asked for help.  Second: I am recommitting to my “Joy of Weight Loss” food and activity plans.  That means I am simply avoiding carbohydrates and higher-fat foods, and being sure to enjoy recreation, vigorously, for an hour a day.

I’m not going to do what I once did, going “diet crazy” attempting to suddenly shed the extra pounds in no time, by starving myself, or so severely cutting back, or depriving myself of things I love to eat.  No. I’ve been there and done that way too much in my life.  It doesn’t work, I know.

I will not be suddenly joining a difficult exercise program, or expensive gym, either.  Just step up the pace on what I already do, but only a little.

Slow and steady wins the race, not the sudden sprint and stressful push that doesn’t last.

What are YOU doing to stay healthy, and maintain your weight?  PLEASE COMMENT below!

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