Yesterday, I wrote a sentence about my desire to go outside to play.  That’s exactly what I did – I went outside and played.  I went for a long walk with my wife and sister.

It wasn’t exercise – although it worked my muscles and joints beautifully.  I walked through a really picturesque meadow and then into woods.  We had to climb a short fence, and that felt like gentle yoga – stretching my arms and legs.

Walking in the woods, there was a lot of uneven terrain that felt like a gentle foot massage, twisting my feet and legs to and fro.

Did we play hide-and-seek?  No.  Did we play red light-green light?  No.  Although we could have!

It was a welcome escape from the everyday indoor world, and very playful.

On another note – I’m so happy that my (our) blog is repaired!   Thanks for coming to check in daily and reading my short messages, even though we had some technical difficulties.


Please bookmark this daily blog and return each and every morning!  We’re a great group to be a part of.

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