Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post mentioned scientific studies about a link between a virus, Adenovirus-36, which causes respiratory problems and obesity. There have been dozens of subsequent research studies on this possible (or impossible) link.

After a little more research, I see that this has come up several times, as far back as 1997, and most recently at the start of 2009.

Is this true?  Could obesity be spread like a common cold?  There’s a website that tests and supports research for “Adv36,” at, run by Dr. Richard Atkinson, M.D., who appears to have excellent credentials.

Are YOU obese?  Do you also have respiratory problems?  I have struggled with both in my life.  But, gosh, if there is a connection – wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to be cured of it?

Please post your thoughts and experiences below.

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