Remember that time when you were really in trouble, or sick, or needed help?  That moment when someone reached out and helped you?  That time when a loved or, or even a perfect stranger took you by the hand, and helped you through?
This could be one of those times you need a helping hand.  This might be a time, when you’re feeling so down on yourself for being overweight and in need of some healthful assistance.
Reach out and ask someone for help.  You know you cannot change your eating or exercise habits overnight, or by yourself.  Ask for help.
First, ask God for help.  Reach out to God who is inside you, and in all Creation.  Just call out, “God, I need help.”
Then, ask another person for help.  If it’s too much to ask a family member of friend, ask someone at a 12-Step meeting of Overeater’s Anonymous, or someone at your church, synagogue or temple.  Confide in that person, and ask them to listen.
Offer to listen and help them, too.  Together, you and your friend, and God, can make it though to a better day.
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