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Are you extremely concerned with your eating – perhaps too much?  If you starve yourself, or follow extremely limited calorie consumption, or binge and then make yourself vomit, or compulsively overeat, it’s time to get help. Eating disorders are very …Read More

This is the season for great summer vegetables!  Visit your local farmer’s market, and see what’s at the peak of perfection.  Corn?  Green beans?  Squash?  Tomatoes?  Pick up some farmer’s pride today, and make a wonderful summer dish.  It’s served …Read More

This morning, I’m taking my regular dance class again. I am a regular for many years now, and just love it, but this summer it’s been on an abbreviated schedule as our teacher, the glorious Naomi, has been traveling a …Read More

It’s simple: if you’re trying to lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight or weight loss – stick to a diet, perhaps – drinking and smoking pot make it hard or darn right impossible. It’s a fact:  alcohol is high …Read More

Remember that time when you were really in trouble, or sick, or needed help?  That moment when someone reached out and helped you?  That time when a loved or, or even a perfect stranger took you by the hand, and …Read More

This is it.  The moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Right now!  It’s time to do what needs to be done. Take the plunge, let go of the baggage.  Just do it. You’ve been waiting for so long for the …Read More

I recommend weighing yourself only once per month. Same day, time, place. Try weighing yourself first thing in the morning, before breakfast, after your morning “constitutional.” Then write it on a piece of paper, with the date, amount, and variation …Read More

A lot of people feel like they’re in a tired stupor between 4 and 5 p.m. every day. Many make the mistake of eating candy or fatty stuff to get an energy boost. The secret is that many times that …Read More

I wrote about Qnexa recently, a “new” weight loss drug that combines two older ones, phentermine (an amphetamine) and topirimate (for seizures).  Last week, an FDA panel of advisors voted to not approve it. The panel saw that it contains …Read More

It’s guacamole!  This is a rather fattening and delicious dip, but without saturated fat.  It’s high in good vitamins and minerals, too.  Guacamole is a favorite at our house, and I hope it will be at yours, too.  Here’s my …Read More