Don’t let the start of a week get you down!  It is possible to get everything done, and to get what you need – perhaps a little inspiration in the form of uplifting quotes and validation can help.

— Remember that there is a little piece of God deep inside all of us.

–That Spirit, that Essence, was with you since the moment you were born, and has never left you.

— As a creation of God, you are valuable and important.  Please do not ever think you are anything or anyone less than a creation of God.

Use these truths to sink deep into your core.  Let the love of God shine in you as a refuge from the storm of external troubles, challenges, problems and interruptions.  Let the peace that comes from that likeness of God in you grow stronger and stronger with every action and thought you have.

Please share these uplifting quotes and inspiration with your friends, family and people you work with.  They will appreciate it.

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