I had a feeling that the American Idol results this week would bring a surprise.  Honestly, I thought it would be Michael (sadly referred to as “Big Mike”) as he is really talented, but not a “star” as Don L. agreed, “he is a good performer but is just not a star more of a professional second banana for a top pick.”

It was Siobhan Magnus.  I like her, but also honestly, I don’t think I would buy an album or download songs by her.  Her quirkiness is more entertaining than her singing, I find.  She’s going home, and I’ll miss her.  Certainly we’ll see and hear her again.

I’m predicting that the ultimate “Idol” winner this year will be Crystal Bowersox.  At least she ought to be!

Of course, the Bible tells us not to worship idols, and I don’t.  But I must confess, I have already bought some of Crystal’s songs.  She’s completely awesome. 

My ultimate Idol is Jesus Christ, of course — God in human form — but I do love to see the likeness of God in everyone.

Why am I so into American Idol?  I watch it for sweetness, and consume tons of it instead of sugar and snacks!  It’s also a bonding tool for our family.

Who do YOU Idolize?  Please post!

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