Wow!  That’s all I can say about waiting for this week’s American Idol Results.  The 6 remaining contestants on American Idol were all excellent.  Who will it be who gets voted off?

Who was YOUR favorite American Idol?  Crystal, Aaron, Lee, Michael, Siobhan, or Casey?

If you’re a regular reader of my column, I think you know who I think is the best!

Although, I must say, I didn’t get chills and tingles from Crystal’s song (usually my criteria for a really terrific performance).  She was great, though, as always, and the judges agree.

Aaron gave me cheers and tears, singing that lovely song for his mom!  How sweet!

Lee is always a favorite of mine, and he was emotional, and really showed his talent this week.

Siobhan, quirky delight that she is was awesome.  She’s in her best genre.

Michael, too, was superb.  He’s in his element, too.  Like Ellen said, he reminded me of Luther Vandross.

Who will be going home?  YOU tell me!

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