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Here’s a simple recipe that is easy, inexpensive if not cheap, delicious, and very healthy.  We have it all the time at our house.  It’s one of those “one-pot” recipes. Dr. Norris J. Chumley’s Roast Chicken and VegetablesServes 3-4 1 …Read More

How are you?  How is your Give-Back Diet going?  Today, I’d like to give you a special gift.  It’s a lot of fun.  A song and dance.  Here’s the video: I hope you’ll sing and move along with me.  Singing …Read More

I’ve written this week about weight loss, diet help from friends, fitness and being grateful.  Here we are on the 26th day!  We’re giving back the pounds, the pain, and the unhealthy habits. Today is a good day for me …Read More

As I promised, part of the Give-Back Diet is about weight loss, and food: recipes,  flavor and fitness.  Welcome to day 25, and continued healthy diet, fitness, emotional and spiritual freedom and JOY to you!  I love the comments and …Read More

This morning, I’m feeling very grateful.  I’m very happy just to have awakened again today, and to be able to live my God-given life one more day.  It’s the 24th day of our “Give-Back Diet,” and I’m grateful to you …Read More

Go team “Give-Back Diet” go!  Keep up the good work!  Today, let’s talk habits.  We know a lot about bad ones.  Let’s delve into good ones.  Yes, it’s absolutely possible to lose weight and gain new healthy habits, no matter …Read More

Why eat whole grains?  What are they, anyway?  That’s the subject today, the 22nd day of the Give-Back Diet. When you’re losing weight, it’s really important to feel full.  Also, it’s important to receive a full compliment of foods that …Read More

Today on the Give-Back Diet, Day 21, let’s take stock on what we’re giving back: the unhealthy foods and how we are giving back to others. In the past 2 weeks, we have been encouraging each other to stop buying …Read More

On this the 20th Day of the Give-Back Diet, you may be asking yourself about food: how much to eat, what is normal, and when to eat?  So far, we’ve been doing things a bit differently; defining what you CAN …Read More

I love the net.  I love being able to speak together with you, every day, like today, Day 19 of the Give-Back Diet.  I love reading comments you post, and questions from you.  When I was losing weight, I got …Read More