I’ve written this week about weight loss, diet help from friends, fitness and being grateful.  Here we are on the 26th day!  We’re giving back the pounds, the pain, and the unhealthy habits.

Today is a good day for me to give-back to YOU!  Today, I’d like to really express my deep appreciation for your wonderful notes of appreciation and kindness, your efforts, bringing friends along, keeping a journal, making small changes, and posting comments.  I would like to feature a few recent ones in today’s column, if that’s OK with you.

Melissa spoke her truth when she wrote, “My body knows perfectly well that those so-called “healthy” whole grains are nothing but sugar with some fiber thrown in to slow down glucose absorption, and my body knows exactly how to deal with that. It just increases my cravings to make me eat enough to make a blood-sugar spike. THen it produces too much insulin and by noon my blood sugar plummets and I’m screaming for pizza and by four pm I’d kill my best friend for a doughnut–preferably six. All while getting fatter. No thanks…”  Pay attention to her!  I think she’s right.  I don’t eat many grains, or carbohydrates, period.

Nadya called the carbs out: “I have noticed that Dr Chumley is taking very little/minimal starch. This is very good. I have started for the past two weeks to take 2slices of bread for breakfast, Lunch only fruits and evening beans and greens or salad and meat. It works very well i feel good about it like a WINNER!”  Right on, Nadya – you’re getting my point.

Heer, like many of you, wrote some really lovely appreciation of me, and I can’t thank her, or you enough.  “Thanks for all your support and Love. I have been following you since New Year’s and have lost 8 pounds, with many more left to go. Life is easier when you realize you are not alone and someone cares about you.”  Heer, I do send you my love, and I am so glad you are so beautifully open and feel the love and warmth in this group.  Yes, we’re with you!  Yes, we care!

That’s great about the 8 pounds, too!  This program is certainly about losing weight, but that’s only the byproduct of getting healthy.  The consciousness we’re raising, the care and attention we’re giving ourselves and others, and the gentle changes for the better, and putting God first is really the essence of this program.  It doesn’t end, like ordinary diets do.  This one is for life.

I love it that Dinah loves music!  Deegee’s love of God is so fine!  Marisha is a lover of friends, and she’s a great friend, too, I’m sure.  Nana Denise is on the right track asking God for help.  Varria know exactly what to eat: veggies, fruits, protein & fiber.  Chrissey is not giving up, God bless her.  Marie is starting a journal, and needs our help getting active.  Go girl!  Nancy has “traded all the cookies, pies and bread for more veggies, salads and cut down on portions of my plate.”  

An anonymous commenter asked, “I’ve continued to workout. Is that helping me cope, or just distracting and numbing me from my feelings? I can’t tell, but I still get a little “high” after the workout.”  I believe working-out is the best mood changer and therapy for mind and body.  Yes!  By all means get high from re-creation.  That’s so cool!

I’d sure love to mention everyone, but space doesn’t allow.  Know that I read every one of your comments, and I say a little prayer for everyone.  There’s a large majority of readers who don’t post, who are also on the plan.  I feel your presence, and I pray for you, too!

Finally, Starting Over Again 2010, who posts everyday (yeah!  God bless you!) has made a huge pot of soup, “with lots of fresh tomatoes, fresh celery, fresh onions, fresh carrots, and boneless pork cut into small bite-sized pieces. The aroma of these vegetables co-mingling with each other is enticing and this has been simmering for hours now.”  SO – let’s virtually all jump in Big-Daddy Dr. Chumley’s station wagon and head over to Starting Again’s place, and we’ll have a virtual feast!  (If you don’t eat pork, we’ve made a special virtual vegetarian version just for you.)

Have a great day, and great weekend, and PLEASE POST your journal, thoughts, and give-back!


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