While on a car trip the other day, we stopped at a gas station and my friend went into the adjacent convenience store and bought a small bag of nuts and yogurt-covered raisins.  It looked really good.  I wanted some too.

I was about to buy myself a pack, but I decided to look on the nutritional facts label first.  A couple of handfuls of the nutty mix was 720 calories!  That’s almost a full day’s worth of calories for someone who is on a weight loss program (if you’re on a 1,000 calorie-a-day program)

There was a high fat count, too, some 21 grams of fat in that little package.

I have always thought that nuts are a good snack; a healthy choice.  Nuts carry protein, have unsaturated fats, and are crunchy-chewy and delicious.  They are, however, high in calories.  Many little pre-packed bags of nuts don’t carry a nutritional facts label, I was glad this one did. (Interesting the word “nut” is buried in the word Nutrition, huh?)

So the lesson for me was to just have a taste of my friend’s nuts, not eat a whole bag.  It’s too easy to down a bag in a couple of gulps.  I would have been too easy to eat so many calories.

REVISED, Sunday, Nov. 15 — Thanks, commenters!  I do occasionally have some nuts, and agree they’re pretty healthy in small quantities.


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