In response to my Balloon Boy blog (pardon all the “b”s), we got some interesting feedback.

Thinfitnsassy (love that) wrote:  “Another reason to turn of the boob tube and not perpetuate this nonsense!”

Helen commented: “Knowledge, TRUTH and Light is POWER!”  Yeah!

Lou so astutely said, “In fact, the “better the lie”, the more attention grabbing the person gets. 15 minutes of fame? or promise of misery?”  How true!

Nancy Roberts, a delightful frequent reader and comment writer put it like this: “The story reminds me of the little boy that cried “wolf” long ago. The father or whoever did this publicity stunt only hurt his cause.”

Erin, very compassionately wrote, “Given the apparent consequences, too, which may prove to be quite
serious, I hope (Little Falcon) will not be feeling guilty for being truthful. I
hope this family can get some counseling assistance….it sounds like
they could use some help.”

Finally, an anonymous regular reader, not seeking any fame at all said so well, “The media needs to leave this alone, let him deal with the consequences and quit showing him so much on T.V.”  Yes, enough already.

OK – I’ll leave this alone, too!  It’s all a bunch of hot air anyway, and way overinflated.

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