The other day someone stopped me and asked for directions. I understood
why they were lost. We were in a maze-like area with lots of
complicated directions to follow. I’ve gotten confused there myself;
unless you follow the signs precisely, it’s easy to lose your way.

So I said, “Turn around, go back the way you came, then just follow the
signs.” The reply was “I know that’s not the way.” I took a deep
breath, resisted the urge to say: “If you know, why are you asking me?”
And then I repeated the directions I knew would work: “Turn around, and
follow the signs. I’m sure that’s the way to go.” The reply was “No, I
just came from that direction.”
That’s when I realized that the person asking for directions actually
didn’t want advice.

We’ve all done it: you start following directions,
you’re on the right route, but things get complicated and before you
reach your destination you’ve started ignoring the signs. You figure
you know better…and soon you’re lost!
I learned from that. I learned that if I want to learn something, I
need to get advice and really follow it. I need to get directions, pay
total attention, and follow them 100%. It’s that way with weight loss.
I had to follow the simple directions plenty of people had already
given me: Ask God for help,eat less of everything, be active every day, and connect with other people.

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