Another question from a reader: Do you think diet sodas are linked to overeating?

Yes. Great question. Speaking again from my experience, and working with people for many years, I think diet sodas are a disaster for several reasons. Here are a few.

Diet sodas may make you think you can eat more. If you are saving so
many calories, gosh, “That extra helping or sweet indulgence won’t
matter,” you may say. Someone in my Kripalu Joy of Weight Loss workshop
said the other day, “I get the big size fries when I order a giant
burger and diet soda in the drive thru.”

I have also experienced getting very thirsty (and hungry) after a diet
soda. Maybe it’s the chemicals and the ton of salt in them.

One reader said she gave up diet sodas for a spiritual fast. Not only
did it help her “keep focused on the Lord,” she wrote, she also didn’t
eat as much.
Many folks tell me they get headaches, body aches, and dizziness from
diet drinks. Besides, I think they taste awful, don’t you?

Try my solution instead: I drink seltzer (salt free) with a squeeze of
lemon or lime or a shot of fruit juice in it, instead.

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