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Can prayer help with weight loss? I believe owning a weight problem and having the courage to surrender and ask God for help is the best way possible. Call it prayer, spiritual communication, meditation, or simply belief–just do it–because it …Read More

We know Halloween comes every year on October 31, and it’s Hallowe’en – short for All Hallow’s Eve.  Halloween is actually an old Pagan feast, a Celtic New Year called Samhain, or “summer’s end.”  What is it all about, other …Read More

Halloween is about food and candy, I always believed.  Halloween recipes for treats like Halloween scary body parts and Halloween frightening bugs, spiders and goblins are a lot of fun.  Would you serve vegetables?  Would you give fruit like apples …Read More

Yesterday I wrote about added sugar, and the shock of how much sugar is in everything.  Consider this today: what if you ate only candy? What if you only ate foods with sugar in them, like candy bars, donuts, pastries …Read More

Eating foods with added sugar causes overweight and obesity, this we know.  How much sugar is too much, though?  The USDA Food Guidelines don’t specify how much sugar, they just say “limit” it.  Now, however, the American Heart Association has …Read More

Yesterday, I just felt run-down, scratchy throat, and some sniffles.  It was after a week of really hard work and deadlines, and I had stayed up too late the two previous nights.  I’m not feeling myself today, either.  Time to …Read More

A lot of people believe in affirming. I believe in using whatever works to lose weight and get healthy. Have you ever tried verbally affirming? Check it out. Try saying one of these lines to yourself: “I am God’s creation, …Read More

The other day someone stopped me and asked for directions. I understood why they were lost. We were in a maze-like area with lots of complicated directions to follow. I’ve gotten confused there myself; unless you follow the signs precisely, …Read More

In response to my Balloon Boy blog (pardon all the “b”s), we got some interesting feedback. Thinfitnsassy (love that) wrote:  “Another reason to turn of the boob tube and not perpetuate this nonsense!” Helen commented: “Knowledge, TRUTH and Light is …Read More

You are a believer in God, right?  Or by another name, Higher Power, Lord, Spirit – that great Creator of you and me, who is always there no matter what may come.  You believe in God and His power, right?  …Read More