Yesterday I wrote about added sugar, and the shock of how much sugar is in everything.  Consider this today: what if you ate only candy? What if you only ate foods with sugar in them, like candy bars, donuts, pastries and sodas?  Would you get sick? Gain weight? Certainly you would, right?

Not so!  The playwright and comedian Paul Rudnick claims that he has only eaten candy and sugary foods his whole life in his new book, “I Shudder” from HarperCollins Publishers.  May be he’s kidding.

Rudnick is not fat, weighing only 150 pounds, at 5’10. He claims not to have any health problems, despite not eating meals, and almost never eating a vegetable in his whole life.

Don’t try this at home, I say!  Rudnick is the exception to the rule, certainly, and there is likely more to his nutritional reality than meets the eye.  Don’t forget, he is a comedian.

Rudnick’s sweet story is in a New York Times article today, by David Colman.

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