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Acai Berries and Colon Cleanser

From time-to-time, I like to answer questions from readers.  I cannot answer every question, of course, but sometimes I think it’s important to address topics that are of interest to lots of people.

Here’s one that was written in a comment on something I wrote about prayer.

“Dear Dr. Norris, Please respond! I would like to know how you feel about the Acai berry products. I supposedly purchased a bottle of the product along with the colon cleanse. I never received the Acai berry, only the colon cleanse. When I tried to talk to them on the phone, I only had problems. Do you think they are reputable and do you think that the product really works? Please help! Wendy”

Thanks for asking, Wendy.  What do I think of Acai berries, and Acai berry juice?  It tastes pretty good, but it’s very strong and very costly.  There are many claims about it being an antioxidant, and in general, antioxidants are good for us.  Will it help people lose weight?  Is it a magic formula or solution to weight or obesity problems, in a word, NO.

Like many things, if we put the power of belief into the “power” of Acai berries, then it has the potential to be of assistance.  But that’s only because we believe in it, and we’ll make other changes to eating habits that may help.

Colon cleanse?  I’ve researched this with a few medical doctors, and they say it’s nonsense.  Furthermore, I’m told it’s a bad idea to take enemas and colonics; they reduce or eliminate natural bacteria in the digestive system that we need.  Also, there appears to be no truth whatsoever that “our colons are filled with toxins.”

As for Wendy’s further question as to whether or not the company she ordered the Acai and colon products from is reputable – I don’t know, she didn’t name them.  However, if it’s a company claiming weight loss or magical health benefits from these items – I’d be very skeptical.  If they didn’t deliver something you paid for, and their telephone customer assistance is of no assistance, then that’s definitely not a reputable company.

BTW, I think any berries are good antioxidants, and eating fiber from vegetables and always having whole grain products is a much better idea for keeping the digestive system healthy.  Save your money and don’t buy any more magical supplements.

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