There’s a United Nations initiative for peace: on Monday September 21, a suggested moment at noon (EST) they’re calling “A Million Minutes for Peace.”  The idea is for as many people around the world to gather together for silence or prayer.  If you missed it, go ahead and try a minute of peace, anyway.

Also, there’s an online pledge to sign, if you like, promising to participate in this moment of peace.  It’s at  They are hoping to get one-million people to pledge and be peaceful.

I love this!  I am a believer, and I practice peace every day.  I usually have 10 minutes or more, sometimes a hour, of peaceful prayers and meditation every day.  I find it makes me feel better, and connected with God.

Want to find out more about the U.N. “Million Minutes for Peace?”  Here’s another Beliefnet blog about it, in Fresh Living, from Valerie Reiss and Holly Lebowitz Rossi, click here.

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