This morning I jumped on our bathroom scales, as I do every month.  I like to check to see what I weigh, to keep my 160-pound weight maintenance on track.

I only weigh myself once a month, because I know that I can fluctuate up or down as much as 5 pounds depending on the time of day, fluids still in my body, the season, etc.

This morning I was 2 pounds heavier than last month.  Thankfully, I was not over my all-important maximum weight point, though, thank God.

Was it “water-weight?”  No, I honestly admit that I have been having a few too many sweets, and I know it.  How do I know that?  Because after decades of personal research and effort, I know that carbohydrates and grains, and SUGAR are my challenges.  It’s no mystery or secret anymore.

So I will cut down on the sweets.  I will have fruit in the afternoon and evening, instead.

Most of all, I will pray to God to do anything to keep my weight loss success.  Those 2 pounds could be due to anything, but I am taking responsibility, and at the same time admitting my total powerlessness and lack of will-power and asking God to help me lose those and stay my right weight.

Why weigh myself only once-a-month?  I also learned the hard way that getting on a scale every day, or several times a day while trying to lose or maintain weight is an absolute self-deception.  The scale is only one measure, and not that accurate.  Over a month’s time it can be more reliable.  I look to see how I feel, how my clothes fit, waist, leg and arm measurements, how my wife sees me and other friends and colleague’s comments, etc.  It’s a whole package of measurement for me, not just scales.

Please tell us about your scale, and your experiences.  Does the scale help or hinder, lie or love you?  Please post a comment.  I bet we’re not the only ones who use scales!

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